Get your GLOW on!

Back Wax

30 min $42.00

Bikini Wax

15 min $35.00

Brazilian Wax

30 min $66.00

Chest Wax

30 min $50.00

Full Arm Wax

30 min $35.00

Full Face Wax (Lip, Chin, Brows)

30 min $42.00

Full Leg + Bikini Wax

1 hr $90.00

Full Leg + Brazilian

1 hr 15 min $120.00

Full Leg Wax

1 hr $65.00

Half Arm Wax

30 min $26.00

Half Leg Wax (Lower)

30 min $35.00

Half Leg Wax (Upper)

30 min $40.00

Lip / Chin Wax

15 min $12.00

Eyebrow (Wax/Trim/Tweeze/Sha)

We work with what you have to get your brows where you want them to be. After going over options you have for your specific brows we use a combination of trimming, waxing & tweezing to carefully turn your current brows into the best shape they can be.
Prefer a natural look? We will finish off your appointment by dusting a mineral powder over your skin to eliminate the majority of any redness from the waxing. Interested in filling in your brows for a more polished look? Let us know, and we will take the time to go over the best products you can use for your brows when filling in, along with a mini “how-to” tutorial, before sending you on your way.
Can’t wax? No problem babes, we’ve got you covered and will tweeze your brows into their optimal shape.



25 min $30.00

Eyebrow (Wax/Trim/Tweeze/Shape) & Tint

A little extra love goes a long way. Add a tint, (brow dye) to your shaping for some extra TLC for your fur babies. Tinting colours the brow hairs for 3-4 weeks. Perfect for any babe who colours her hair and needs her brows to be on the same page. Need a bolder everyday brow but looking to skip the long tedious task of filling them in on the daily? Tinting may be the perfect fit for you.



25 min $40.00